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Pre Game Protocols

  • Coaches are responsible for sending out a pre match self screen message to all parents prior to every game and training session. It is imperative that you send and receive confirmation prior to your players arriving at the venue (home or away).

  • Coaches, are responsible for sending out a pre match message to all visiting teams, this gives details of the entrance & exit, toilets and most importantly, the track and trace website. - venue code WF39TP 

  • The attached messages below must be sent to the parents and opposition. (please do not alter these messages, we must remain consistent as a club)

  • There will be no changing facilities or kiosk available on match days.

  • Please be aware that we do not have parking facilities any longer, therefore it will be necessary to schedule matches outside of the prescribed times to allow enough time for teams to arrive and depart. 

  • We will not be allowing use of equipment for friendlies outside of match days. Where friendlies/match switches are requested,  please email

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